Classic Mario Jump Download Latest Version For Android

Classic Mario Jump best game platfrom,You love super classic platform love old school game.You would like to return childhood memory,Our game Classic Mario Jump is best choise for you enjoy.This game is about the adventures of Mario. The Mario World habitat was invaded by monsters,Mashroum.... that makes them displaced. There is a brave Mario that do not want to surrender, He start the adventures to get rid the monster out of the Bros World area.Mario has the ability to stomp the monsters and has skill of throwing bones to attack the monsters. Of course the monsters waiting him with so many stuffs and traps.
Classic Mario Jump
So, Help Classic Mario Jump by running and jumping this last will Fly to earn more and more money to finish all the levels and escape the enemies in this fun and amazing running Super, and should be always Happy and not Angry. , solve the level as fast as you can, and kill every enemies to maximize your score. There are 8 levels to play, the next levels are under construction.

Features of Classic Mario Jump Apk

  • Impressive gameplay as the retro classic games.
  • Intuitive controls with its retro virtual keys on the screen.
  • Hidden bonus bricks and blocks with strawberry, lollipop.
  • Destructible bricks, blocks and mobile platforms.
  • These four stunning worlds with best designed levels

Download Classic Mario Jump Apk

You can download latest version of Classic Mario Jump Apk. You can also download directly without having any issues. If you have any problems while downloading than feel free and contact us.

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