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Download Lucky Patcher APK

In this article, we are going to share the latest version of Lucky Patcher 6.4.0 Apk for Android devices. Nowadays, Lucky Patcher Apk is most famous APK that provide well customization to Android App and world widely used.We provide here the direct download link for Lucky Patcher App Apk. But Before Downloading read the below some guideline and Feature of Lucky Patcher Apk.If you don’t know what Lucky Patcher is or what does Custom patch, License verification, etc means please first read this post before download the Lucky Patcher, because we are giving you all guideline about Lucky Patcher Apk, and also give the download link for Lucky Patcher 6.4.0 Apk.

What is Lucky Patcher Apk?

Lucky Patcher Apk is a great and most famous Android tool to remove ads, modify apps permissions, backup and restore apps, bypass premium applications license verification, download modded play-store and more. To use all features, you need a rooted your device.It will also work on the unrooted Android device.We will also so you how to use Lucky Patcher Apk on the unrooted Android device so read this post carefully.
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Can you use Lucky Patcher Apk without root?

Yes you can use Lucky Patcher Apk without rooting your android phone also, only the difference is that if your phone is rooted it can make the required changes in the installed app but if your device isn't rooted then you have to first generate a newly patched apk using Lucky Patcher then uninstall the installed version and then install the patched apk.But don't worry if your device is not then you can also use Lucky Patcher Apk with its full feature.

Lucky Patcher Apk With No Root:

In this post, we also teach you how to use Lucky Patcher Apk on Non-rooted Android devices also. If your device is rooted, you can easily enjoy all the features of Lucky Patcher Apk without any issue but if your Android device is not rooted, you will have somehow less chance of success. Though it will be a bit harder to use Lucky Latcher on your non-rooted Android device, there is a good news that you can use absolutely use all features of Lucky Patcher if you follow each step we shown below.

How to Use Lucky Patcher Apk on Non Rooted Device:

  1. Download Lucky Patcher Apk from our site.
  2. Install the Lucky Patcher apk. You must allow Installations from unknown sources in your device’s settings.
  3. Open Lucky Patcher Apk and tap on any app you want to modify.
  4. After you tap on your app, you will see App info, Launch app. touch on “open menu of patches”.
  5. Then touch on Create modified apk on the upcoming window.

Features of Lucky Patcher Apk:-

  • Install modded play store on your device.
  • Apply Custom Patch to get the full version of any apps or some special features.
  • Get free in app purchases in any android apps and games.
  • Remove license verification from any paid apps.
  • Remove any ads from free apps.

We will explain the following features of Lucky Patcher Apk in detail.

  1. Tap on “Custom-patch-applied APK” and you will see Custom patch description. Tap on applying.
  2. Now Lucky patcher will create a modified apk file of that app/game. It may take some time in the patching process.
  3. If the process succeeds, then you will a window is written in Green Color, if it fails, then you will see a window in red color.

Part II: Lucky Patcher: To Remove google ads:

  1. Tap on the “APK without google ads.” => Rebuild the App.
  2. Now Lucky Patcher will create a modified apk file of that app/game. It may take some time in the patching process.
  3. If the process succeeds, then you will a window is written in Green Color, if it fails, then you will see a window in red color.
  4. Tap on Rebuild and Install=>Lucky Patcher=>Modified=>Name of app/game you just modified.
  5. Now tap on the app/game then click on=>Install.
  6. Done.
  • Tap on “APK without License Verification” and follow steps 2-6 of removing google ads from any apps/games.

Part IV: Lucky Patcher: To Hack in app purchases.

  1. Open Lucky Patcher Apk.
  2. If your Android device is not rooted skip to step 5.
  3. For the rooted android device, and tap on toolbox at the bottom, scroll to find “patch to android” and tap on it.
  4. Tick all the patches, tap apply and wait some time. Your Android device reboots.
  5. Close Lucky Patcher Apk and open app/game where you want to hack in app purchases.
  6. Browse to buying area and tap “Buy” or something similar to it.
  7. Now Lucky Patcher Apk window will appear and ask you “Do you want to get this item for free?
  8. Tap on Yes. Now you will get everything for free.
  9. Enjoy now.
Lucky Patcher Apk For iOS Device:

Many people search for Lucky Patcher app for ios. Lucky Patcher iOS version is still not developed, and a never thing be developed. Android OS is open Source, and great Developers that's why develop this kind of apks for Android mobiles. But In iOS, it’s impossible for developing this kind of app. Well, There is no have a Lucky Patcher app for iPhone.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk For Windows/PC:

Yes, it is also possible to use Lucky Patcher Apk on PC/Laptop through Bluestacks.We will also know that Bluestacks is used to run android app on PC/Laptop.BlueStack Enable You To Run Android App On PC/Laptop.If You Want to use the android app on PC/Laptop then Download Bluestacks For PC/Laptop From Bellow Link and also See the article about How to Run Android app on PC/Laptop.

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